How to Contribute Data to EVTripPlanner Integration (Teslas only)

In order to support new vehicles like the Model X and Model 3, I need a large amount of energy usage data to learn from. This allows us to tune our calculations. By using*, you can log energy usage data from your Tesla and send it to EVTripPlanner. This data is important to EVTripPlanner, particularly if you own a Tesla Model X. Model S data is still useful as a baseline and to tweak the existing algorithm.

To send EVTripPlanner your data,
  1. Make an account at and provide your car's credentials.
  2. Provide EVTripPlanner with your TeslaLog login (not the login to your car).
If you used the bookmarklet from before, please provide your TeslaLog login so that EVTripPlanner can continue to collect data going forward. Thank you.
This will fetch all of your past data as well, so it may take a while.
What data does this give EVTripPlanner?
  • Location
  • Speed
  • Charge state
  • Temperature/climate control settings
  • Car configuration (60, 85, 19" wheels, 21" wheels)
  • Your car's VIN
  • Other details about the car, like whether the AC fan is on

Thanks for helping make the Route Energy Calculator a better tool for EV owners to plan their road trips. If you ever want to stop data collection, you can email me at and I'll remove your credentials, remove all the past data, whatever you want.

*EVTripPlanner is not affiliated with Before giving your car's credentials to any third party, ensure that third party is trusworthy. That said, I use TeslaLog myself along with hundreds of other Tesla drivers.

Manual Data Entry for non-Teslas

If you drive an electric car which is not a Tesla, and would like it to be supported by EVTripPlanner, you can enter trip data manually. I am actively seeking data about the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt, and BMW i3, but data about other vehicles is also welcome. It will probably take over 100 trips of about 100 miles each to form a good algorithm, to tell you friends with the car to report data as well!

Alternate Approach (Teslas only)

If the idea of giving your Tesla credentials to a third party makes you uneasy, I've provided an alternative. I made an open source application you can run on your computer that will log data about your car and send it to EVTripPlanner. While this offers better security, you must run it whenever you take a long drive in order for EVTripPlanner to get the data. Here is how to install and use the Tracker:
  1. Download the Tesla Tracker onto your computer.
  2. Run Tracker.jar(you must have Java runtime installed)
  3. Enter your Tesla email and password and click 'Log In' button. This is required to access the data feed from your Model S/X (just like the mobile app) so that we can gather position/energy/temperature information from your car. We NEVER send see your login or to our server - it is only used to log into the Tesla Motors server and only saved (if you request it) to your local disk. We have also published the source code to help dispell potential concerns.
  4. The Tracker will then:
    • Log into the Tesla server and request information about your car. This lets us know the battery size and wheel size, for example. These are needed to do accurate correlation between energy usage and the car characteristics.
    • Stream position/velocity/temperature/energy information from your car and save it in a log file on your disk and also to our database. Your email will also be sent to the server, so that if I have additional questions about some of your data (weather, payload, etc) I can ask.
    • Show you some basic information about your car on your computer, like position and speed.
  5. Make sure you set your computer not to sleep if you go on a long road trip. Every mile of data is valuable, and I'd hate to miss out because your computer dozed off. Here is how you disable sleep on Windows and Mac