Cliff's Reference Tables & Calculations

Includes charge time/rate calculations, range calculations, electricity cost estimates, charging station apps/sites and more.

If you don't have Excel, here are some PDF files:

How To Plan A Roadtrip

The Model S is worry-free and just incredible for daily driving, but you still need to plan ahead for a road trip (over 200 miles in a day with 85 kWh battery). If you have the big battery and there are superchargers along your route, it can be great, but otherwise, you need a solid plan (and, potentially, a bit of patience). My short version is below - but you should also see Chad's excellent guide.

Map out route

Hopefully there are superchargers along your preferred route

  • If not, then you will need to find EV chargers or RV parks and plan charge 2-3 hours per hour of driving (assuming 240V/40A chargers)
  • The superchargers are getting more popular and there are more Model Ss on the roadyou might have to wait your turn

While you can get 275+ miles on a charge driving 55-60 on a level road in moderate weather

  • To be safe, if you're driving 67-72 mph ("air speed" - see note below, and it is not too hot or cold, budget 360 Wh/mi (about 229 miles on extended charge)
  • Driving closer to 75-80? Cold? Budget 400+ Wh/mi (about 206 miles on extended charge)
  • The wind can also be a big factor a 10 mph headwind means you consume energy like you're driving 80 when going 70 and vice versa
  • Big hill when you're close to end of leg? BE CAREFUL! Even if you have enough range in total you could get to ZERO before the top of the hill!

My dream

Tesla, orsome enterprising third party, will eventually create an integrated tripplanner (in your on-board Nav, I hope) that takes into account youranticipated driving speed, the route you're following (hills, average roadspeeds, etc), the weather (temperature, wind), actuals while en-route, chargingstation locations and rates, then even non-engineers will be able to gain enoughconfidence to do EV road trips.

UPDATE: My kids and I are working on becoming that "enterprising third party" - try the Planner